About the Book

13 years, 3 editions, Speaking the Truth About Sexual Abuse

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Editorial Reviews

"If you are a teenage girl, this book may save your life. Invisible Girls will help you see the truth."
--Karrie Higgens, author of Invisible Insurrection

"An excellent book for the adolescent girl and young woman who has been abused."
--Psych Central

"Until now we have not heard the voices of teen girls quite like this. In this work, the author offers us a glimpse into the worlds of teenaged girls and young women who are abuse survivors. These young women tell their stories of incest, date rape, acquaintance rape, and mentor abuse. The stories deserve to be heard. The truth hurts, but it also heals."
--Canadian Women's Health Network

"Invisible Girls is remarkable . . . Myths are debunked and survivors and their allies are guided toward a beautiful path of healing." 
--Girls Coalition of Greater Boston

Here are just a few quotes from emails I have received from girls and women around the world: 
"My therapist got me your book and for the first time I am realizing it is not my fault. I feel such love for the girls in the book." 
"I read your book and I told my mum and she hugged me and told me she loved me. I can do anything now." 
"After I read your book I told my mom about my uncle, because he started molesting my sister. He is in jail now." 
"I read your book and I wanted to thank you for writing it and making these stories and insights available. I would have never been able to write, vocalize or paint what I had experienced if not for the book." 
"My 16-year-old daughter just told us her cousin molested her when she was 6-years- old. Your book has saved our entire family in getting through this." 
"I read your book and now understand my girlfriend. We were breaking up, but now more than ever I want to be there for her."