The Rape Culture


We live in a culture where “boys will be boys”.

A culture that, through its fairy tales, movies and advertising, persistently pushes the sexist belief that young girls are ready for sex when their bodies first develop. 

A culture that insinuates that the survivor is somehow responsible for the crime…... 

We live in a culture where a male-dominated government decides the laws about rape and incest, and pornography.

This culture does not honor women and children; where female sexuality is a commodity, something used to sell products or satisfy male desires; where girls and women, especially women of color are depicted on music videos as little more than prostitutes.

In this culture, men still sexually abuse girls at staggering rates. The culture remains a rape culture where 96% of sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual misconduct is perpetrated by men. We are hear to speak out and change the culture. It take brave girls and women to tell their truths and for the good boys and men to speak out with them.


-- Selected from Preface Invisible Girls