College Drugged and Raped

Evelyn, Louisiana


Dear Dr. Patti,

My name is Evelyn. I am a rape survivor. I was raped when I was 15 years old. I was dating this guy who was the captain of the football team. Anyway, after the game was over, there was a party at Matthew’s house. I thought that I would go, and have fun. It never prepared me for what happened next. Matthew fixed me a drink and brought it to me. I began talking to some of my friends. A few minutes later, I took a drink of my punch. The next thing that I remember is passing out and coming to a couple of times with Matthew on top of me having sex with me. I was so out of it that I wasn’t for sure what was going on except that I hurt really badly. I knew that Matthew had raped me. I felt so ashamed and so dirty. The rapes went on for five hours between Matthew and four of his football buddies. After the five hours was up, everyone left, except me. I was so sore, that I could barely move, let alone walk right out the door. If I could move, I would run, not walk. I called the police and filed charges against the men who raped me. When I went to the hospital, the nurses said, “There were enough GHB, and Rohypnol in my bloodstream, that it should have killed me.” I’m so lucky to be alive. As for Matthew, and his friends, they got five years probation for drugging, and raping me for five hours. It has been a long journey for me, but I have forgiven, but I will never forget. I want to thank you for your website. If I wouldn’t have gone on it, I wouldn’t have had the strength to e-mail you and share my story with you.



Dr. Patti responds: 

Dear Evelyn, 

Your story is unfortunately all too common. We can speculate that the macho football culture is just talked about in generalities but I personally hear too many stories from young women who were raped by sports guys in college. There is also a fraternity culture that rapes - There is an amazing book called "Fraternity Gang Rape". This book goes into great detail describing the macho male culture on college campuses. There is somehow a feeling that rape is alright among various groups. We need to get militant and make sure that everyone knows rape is never alright. There is another organization called "Campus Outreach". Katie was raped at college about 15 years ago. Ever since she has been an activist who has organized this group of professionals and survivors who educate on college campuses. As horrific as your story is we need to hear these stories. It is so wonderful that you identified these men. It is so terrifying that they drugged you to the point of where you could have died. How is it possible that these rapists only got 5 years probation??!! This angers me so much. I am beginning to become politically involved with legislation. I hope to have an effect in helping to change some of the laws regarding sexual abuse. It will be strong women like you who come forward with their stories that will help to educate and change the culture. You say you forgave.... I am not sure you need to ever forgive those who drugged and raped you, but I do support whatever helps you heal. Thanks for sharing this important story with

         ................................xo dr. p.