Release the Secrets


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Talk about it now. If you hold your abuse inside you into your twenties, thirties, forties, and beyond, it can deprive you of healthy, loving relationships and self-esteem because you never get the chance to process the shame and the secret.

As survivors discover time and time again, not telling can mean living in a perpetual state of fear and mistrust … Keeping it secret can prevent you from embracing the love and joy that are your birthright….. We are at our most resilient during the teen years and twenties. If you begin to talk about trauma now while you are still young, still figuring out who you are, it simply can’t plant its roots as deep. You see it’s the secrets that do us the most continued harm…..

Girls and women are brilliant at doing the deep psychological work to heal their own trauma!


-- Selected from Preface, Chapter 13 Invisible Girls